Motorcycle Patches

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Published: 07th January 2011
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The motorcycle club patches worn by bikers are used to signify their club membership. There are many types of patches, and some can have multiple meanings.

Biker Club and Association Patches

Association patches are one piece, while club patches are usually two piece patches. In both cases, the patch is placed at the back of the leather vest, in the center. To be more precise, it is under the shoulder blades. The patch may consist of the club name, logo or both.

Sometimes these clubs come out with annual patches. These are small ones that state how long you have been a club member. These are usually rectangle with the year written there. These are put near the main club patch.
Title and Road Name Patches

Title patches denote the biker's position in the club. These club positions can be President, Vice President, secretary, sergeant-at-arms etc. These positions could indicate their place in the club or the club chapter.

The name or road patches can have the biker's real name or moniker. This moniker can be something that was given to them by other club members or just a personal one.

For identification purposes, these motorcycle club patches are worn on the vest left side above the heart. The club position is placed below the name.
What are the Memorial Patches?

These are patches in honor of deceased members. These patches can be placed anywhere on the vest. Some bikers put the patch by the bottom of the vest. This lets them add more if needed. Other bikers prefer to scatter these memorial vests all around.
Travel Patches

These are patches worn by bikers to denote where they have been. These patches also serve as mementos of the place or the event. These patches can be placed anywhere on the vest too.
Charity Run Pins

These are given to bikers who take part in charity runs. These pins feature the charity name, the date, and the club or association that hosted the event.
Flag Patches

These patches have two meanings. The patch can refer to the biker's country of origin or family tree. The patch flag can also refer to the motorcycle's origin.
Rally Badges or Rally Pins

Rally badges are handed out to bikers who go to a bike rally. The rally is very similar to the run, but one difference is that rallies can last over two nights. Apart from the rally, others activities take place.
Outlaw Club Patches

There are many types of outlaw patches. Among the most well known are the 1% patch, the number 13 and those with wings. The origin of the 1% is not clear: some claim it stems from the statement made by the American Motorcyclist Association that 99% of bikers are obedient to the law.

The number 13 refers to the letter M, which stands for motorcycle or methamphetamine.

There are many other types of motorcycle club patches and Biker Patches. Today, you can find other variants online, and you can of course easily make up one for your group or yourself.

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